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Vredestein Sportrac 3

The Sortrac 3 is based on the strong points of the Sportrac 2, but optimised even further, particularly in th earea of water dispersion and braking power. The new profile – developed by Qiugiaro Design – gives sports cars an enhanced appearance. The robust, wide shoulders and 3D –shaped tread blocks in the center of the tread give outstanding performance on bends. The rounded footprint, with its even surface pressure, helps reduce braking distance and improve traction, handling characteristics and water dispersion. The high Silica Solution V Tread compound has been improved to give optimum braking power and low rolling resistance.

  • Unique Giugiaro tread design to enhanced appearance for sports cars.
  • Footprint gives even surface pressure for low noise level throughout the tires lifespan Short wet and dry braking distance Improved traction.
  • Rounded footprint for excellent handling characteristics optimal for lateral water dispersion.
  • Handling Tuned Sidewall (HTS) principle for sportier driving performance, alert steering response and high handling ratio.
  • High Silica Solution V tread compound for optimum braking power and low rolling resistance.

Vredestein Ultrac

Created by Vredestein in partnership with Giugiaro Design, the Ultrac is the ultimate tire for the high end of the market. With its rounded shapes, flowing contour and inclined corners, the Ultrac is superbly designed. It is also blessed with many high-tech features. Take, for example, the Ultimate Handling Construction (UHC). This construction gives the Ultrac a high handling ratio, resulting in exceptional handling on wet and dry roads. Again, look at the Center Shift System (CSS) found in the middle of the tire; noise production is minimized. And finally, the use of Full Silan Solution in the tread compound means the Ultrac performs superbly on wet road surfaces as well as being safe in all other weather conditions.

  • Inspired by bio-design so the tread has natural shapes and flowing contour.
  • Ultimate Handling Construction(UHC); Sturdy sidewall and bead construction; Maximum belt width for exceptional handling on wet and dry roads, ultra-alert steering reaction and high course stability.
  • Center Shift System(CSS) with Sophisticated positioning of the right and left tread parts in relation to the middle section for minimal noise level.
  • Full Silica Silan Solution in the tread compound brings optimal grip on wet roads and a low rolling resistance which gives fuel economy.
  • Rim protector to protects the light metal rims.

Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta

The Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta is the newest ace in the Ultra High Performance (UHP) segment. The Sessanta is based on the strong points of the Ultrac series and has been optimized even further to give very good steering and handling characteristics. Giugiaro Design has given the Ultrac Sessanta an innovative design, with a line pattern that clearly shows that performance comes first. The name Sessanta refers to the sixty years of Vredestein’s existence in Enschede. In tribute to Vredestein’s unique collaborative partnership with Giugiaro Design, “sixty” will be written in Italian: sessanta.

    Parametric design – from the drawing board to the shelf The Ultrac Sessanta is designed parametrically. This means that the tread construction, shape and contours are optimised for every size using mathematical formulae based on design parameters. Each size of the Ultrac Sessanta therefore offers maximum design quality.
  • Innovative design and sophisticated line pattern brings good performance and unique appearance.
  • Parametric design brings optimal design quality: profile, construction, design and contours selected according to mathematical formulae for each size.
  • Handling Tuned Tread Compound(HTTC) brings extremely high tracking power, allowing faster cornering measured correction of the car is possible on bends.
  • HTS+ (Handling Tuned Sidewall) Principle with robust outer shoulders and sturdy sidewalls brings very direct steering feel Optimal contact with the road surface.
  • Two rayon carcass layers make the tire stable and sturdy during handling brings Maximum resistance to lateral forces. The car stays more controllable in the most critical situations.

Vredestein Ultrac SUV Sessanta

The Vredestein Ultrac SUV Sessanta is an uncompromising SUV tire for the Ultra High Performance(UHP) segment. Based on the strong points of the Ultrac Sessanta, the Ultrac SUV Sessanta is equipped with an extra wide tread. This ensures better road holding and greater stability, whilst maintaining a high level of comfort. The Ultrac SUV Sessanta features a double rayon carcass layer and a strong belt. These give the tire a higher load capacity, making it ideal for the heavier SUV cars. Tread pattern and sidewall have been created by Giugiaro Design giving the tire a unique, contemporary look.

  • Two rayon carcass layers and an extra strong belt construction gives high loading capacity, good stability and controlled handling.
  • Sophisticated Longitudinal Design(SLD) with 4 circumferential grooves so that the Ultrac SUV Sessanta has exceptional resistance to aquaplaning and is also very quiet.
  • Handling Tuned Tread Compound(HTTC) gives outstanding grip in bends.
  • HTS+ (Handling Tuned Sidewall) principle for optimum contact with the road surface and a very direct steering response, maintaining a high level of comfort.
  • Porfile, construction, design and contours selected according to mathematical formulae for each size for excellent handling performance and resistance to aquaplaning.
  • Designed by Giugiaro Design for unique appearance for cars in the Ultra High Performance (UHP) segment.

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