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Proxes 4

  • Company: Toyo Tires
  • Tire Name: Proxes 4
  • Category: All-Season Ultra-High Performance
  • Available Sizes: 15-, 16-, 17-, 18-, 19-, 20-, 22- and 24-inch rim diameters. Widths range from 195 to 305mm with 55 down to 25-series profiles.
  • Description: The low-profile Proxes 4™ features a W-shaped unidirectional tread design, which is both attractive and has aggressive grip. The new Proxes 4™ features Toyo’s “Generation S™” silica-reinforced, high grip tread compound for exceptional all-season traction and durability. T-Mode™ Design Technology, another Toyo Tires® exclusive, results in a smooth, quiet ride. In addition, steering response is improved by using a hard, bead filler compound. A modern, high-image sidewall design, coupled with the Proxes 4’s aggressive, high-angle tread grooves, enhances the appearance and performance of today’s sport automobiles.
  • Speed Rating: V (149-mph maximum) and W (168-mph maximum)
  • Load Rating: 83 (1,074 lbs.) to 106 (2,094 lbs.)
  • Treadwear Rating: 300 UTQG, Traction AA, Temperature A
    • Proxes 4™ from Toyo Tires® is Popular on Everything From Sport Compacts to Big, Custom Sedans
    • CYPRESS, CALIFORNIA – The Proxes 4™ from Toyo Tires® wins on its combination of looks, performance and sizing. Its distinctive “W-shaped” unidirectional tread design “sets the trend” on everything from modified sport compacts to large, custom sedans. Tread noise is kept to a minimum with its five-variable pitch tread block design, reducing the resonating sound generated by the tire tread running over road surfaces. This quiet design is the result of Toyo’s proprietary T-Mode™ Design Technology.
    • Performance during all seasons is exceptional with the combination of the efficient W-shaped tread design and Toyo’s Generation S™ silica-reinforced, high grip tread compound. Steering response is improved by using a hard, bead filler compound, making sidewalls more rigid. This design provides an additional benefit to help protect valuable rims from road damage.

    Proxes S/T

  • Company: Toyo Tires
  • Tire Name: Proxes S/T
  • Category: High Performance Street, Sport Truck and SUV
  • Available Sizes: 15-, 16-, 17-, 18-, 19-, 20-, 22-, 23- and 24-inch rim diameters. Widths range from 245 to 325mm with 70 down to 30-series profiles.
  • Description: The Proxes S/T™ is an ultra-high performance sport truck and SUV radial that delivers superb dry handling and all-season performance. Its unidirectional design, coupled with its wide tread and low profile provides an eye-catching appearance. The range of Proxes S/T™ applications fits full-size and mid-size trucks and SUV’s, with new sizes available as OE upgrades for some European SUV models.
  • Speed Rating: H, V, W and Y
  • Load Rating: 97 (1,609 lbs.) to 120 (3,086 lbs.)
  • Treadwear Rating: 420 UTQG, Traction A, Temperature A

    • Toyo’s Proxes S/T™ Enhances Truck Appearance and Breaks Records
    • CYPRESS, CALIFORNIA – The evolution of the custom pickup, then SUV, led tire manufacturers to an entirely new approach, offering low profile performance combined with great looks. Toyo’s Proxes S/T™ created the low-profile custom truck segment with the introduction of their 20-, 22-, 23- and then 24-inch wheel fitments.
    • The Proxes S/T™ is a unidirectional, all-season, high-performance tire which delivers exceptional handling and stability. A combination of low-and-high angle tread grooves help to channel water to resist aquaplaning. In addition to its attractive sidewall, a built in rim-protector helps to reduce the likelihood of curb abrasions to your expensive alloy rims.
    • A cap/base tread compound is designed for cooler operation, while providing an excellent wet-and-dry grip. Specially engineered polyester casings with high ply turn-up construction help to assure rigidity for exceptional steering response. This computer-optimized design works well, whether on your custom rig while cruising around the city, or while setting a new world record at a high-speed race track.
    • Two European tuners trusted Toyo’s Proxes S/T™ to do just that. In February of 2003, Danish tuner, KLEEMAN® drove their supercharged 607-horsepower ML55K Mercedes Benz® SUV to a top speed of 175-mph on the NARDO test track in Italy. To become the “Fast SUV in The World”, the company chose 295/40R20 Toyo Proxes S/T™ tires.
    • In March of 2005, Swiss tuner, SPORTEC AG, selected a set of 295/30R22 Proxes S/T™ tires by Toyo Tires® to break the 300 km/h mark. They did it with style, driving their 689-horsepower SPORTEC Cayenne Turbo SP600M to a top speed of 308.435 km/h (191.65-mph) on the ATP (Automotive Testing Papenburg) oval test track in Northern Germany.

    Proxes T1R

  • Company: Toyo Tires
  • Tire Name: Proxes T1R
  • Category: Ultra-High Performance, Passenger Car
  • Available Sizes: 14-,15-,16-,17-,18-,19-,20- and 21-inch rim diameters. Widths range from 185 to 315mm with 55 down to 25-series profiles.
  • Description: Toyo’s Proxes T1R™ is the latest generation UHP radial designed exclusively for high-end sport sedans and coupes. It takes advantage of computer simulation technology providing high-speed stability in both dry and wet conditions with low noise and ride comfort. The new tread pattern features rigid shoulder rib-bands that deliver excellent dry handling while resisting irregular wear for less tire noise. The new V-shaped main grooves ensure superior water drainage and the silica compound delivers outstanding wet performance.
  • Speed Rating: V (149-mph), W (168-mph) and Y (186-mph)
  • Load Rating: 77 (908 lbs.) to 103 (1,929 lbs.)
  • Treadwear Rating: Treadwear 280, Traction AA, Temperature A

    • Bold Size of Toyo Tires® Proxes T1R™ Great for Porsche® Automobiles
    • CYPRESS, CALIFORNIA -- The 315/25R19 size Proxes T1R™ ultra-high performance tire by Toyo Tires® is a great upgrade for late-model, rear-engine Porsche automobiles. The Proxes T1R™ provides extreme cornering forces and quick transitional response, translating technology learned by Toyo through years on the race track.
    • The Proxes T1R™ delivers ultimate performance on the road with its rigid shoulders combined with a circumferential rib-band for superior handling both laterally and while stopping. A great looking unidirectional v-shaped center tread featuring a computer-generated half pitch optimization pattern both sheds water from the contact surface while maintaining quiet operation. An ultra high molecular polymer, high silica compound minimizes heat build-up during high-speed operation and high-cornering loads.
    • The 315/25R19 Proxes T1R™ is ideal as a plus-one fitment to replace the 295/30R18 factory rear size on late-model rear-engine Porsches. Match that with Toyo’s 235/35R19 Proxes T1R™ on the front, and watch the transformation of your Porsche to an even higher level of handling.

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